Open Source,
self-hosted, end-to-end encryption,
cloud software.


Install the software on your own server

End-to-end encryption

Only you can read your data.

Easy setup

Simple and easy to use

Search files over encrypted data

Search all your uploaded files.
(Encrypted search index)

Multiple storage providers

Add sftp, google cloud, aws,
dropbox and more.

It's free and it's your privacy!

What is e2ee-cloud

e2ee-cloud is a open source, self-hosted, end-to-end encryption software. You can upload and download files in your browser. All files and folders will be encrypted before upload and decrypted after download.



  • Server with min. PHP 7.1.3
  • Mondern Browser -> e.g. Chrome, Firefox
  • PHP sqlite extension (Optional, only if file search is enabled)


e2ee-cloud supports multiple storages.

  • Local filesystem
  • SFTP
  • FTP
  • Dropbox
  • AWS S3
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • WebDAV


If you use the GitHub download files, use composer to install the dependencies. So extract the GitHub master zip. Run composer install in the project root.

If you use the bundle, just extract and upload to your server.

Link the document root to the public dir. Edit the yaml file config/services.yaml. Under e2ee_cloud you can setup your e2ee cloud configuration.

Setup basic auth account:

Edit the yaml file config/packages/security.yaml. Under provider e2ee_cloud you will find the admin user, here you can change the password. The default login is admin:e2ee.

To generate a bcrypt password run php bin/console security:encode-password in your project root.

How does it work?

Currently only basic auth are supported. After you logged in on the web app, you must enter your secret master password, the master password is not stored anywhere, only in your current browser session. You can drag & drop files for upload or click the upload button. Before the upload of your files, the browser will encrypt the file with a AES-GCM 256 bit encryption, then the files will be uploaded. The file content and the filename are saved encrypted on the server. If you download the file, the file will also be decrypted only in your browser after download.

Information about the backend (server side)

The backend of e2ee-cloud use symfony flex and the flysystem php library. Note that the search index db can have a bigger size cause of the encryption. The code is available on GitHub.

Information about the frontend (browser app)

The frontend is based on vue.js. Code coming soon on GitHub.

Bug reporting

Please use GitHub to create an issue. All other bug reporting e.g. email will be ignored.

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